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The Line of Marriage is found between the Line of Heart and the base of the fourth finger. When found straight and clear it promises a happy marriage, or union. (Plate 1.)

When this line curves downwards towards the palm, it foretells the death of the marriage partner. (Plate 2.)

When divided like a fork on the inside of the hand, it indicates separation, but not divorce. (Plate 3.) When the fork-like appearance is shown on the outside, difficulties, delay and separation will occur before marriage.

When the Line of Marriage curves downwards in a fork with a line crossing to the ball of the thumb, divorce is indicated to the person on whose hand this mark appears. (Plate 4.)

Then the Line of Marriage cuts down through the Line of Success, the subject will lose position and riches by marriage. (Plate 5.)

The Line of Marriage ending in a fork with a line from it joining the Line of Heart and the latter curving downwards, indicates a very unhappy marriage—but due to the exacting nature of the person on whose hand it appears. In this case there may never be separation or divorce, but it threatens of a violent end to the marriage – death by violence is usually the verdict of the jury. (Plate 6.)

The Line of Marriage with a line from it running into the Line of Head indicates that unhappiness and disputes will be caused by the opposition of the mental views of the partners as in the case of the different religions marrying together. (Plate 7.)

If the Line of Marriage ends in a cross on the Line of Fate under the second finger, the marriage will terminate on the gallows. (Plate 8.)

When the Line of Marriage forms into an “island” and curves downward some tragedy or great sorrow such as long illness will end the life of the partner. (Plate 9.)

If a fine line is seen from time Line of Marriage going upwards into the Line of Success under the third finger, marriage will bring success, wealth and increase of position. (Plate 10.)

When the Line of Marriage terminates in a fork with a line from it forming an “island” on the Line of Success, the marriage will end in scandal, loss of position and disgrace. (Plate 11.)

The Line of Marriage starting with an “island” denotes seduction and trouble caused by it before marriage. If the line continues straight and clear, all will end well. (Plate 12.)

When the Line of Marriage is very short and curves upwards at the end, marriage is not likely to take place at any time. (Plate 13.)

The age when marriage will occur is indicated by the position of this line ; the nearer to the Line of Heart, the earlier will be the marriage. (Plate 14.)

The date is further confirmed and more details often given by “Influence Lines” to the Line of Fate. (Plate 15.)

Marriage or union is also shown by “Influence Lines” joining the Line of Fate. By the changes in the appearance of the latter after the junction of the line the result or effect of the union or marriage may be deduced. 

If the Line of Fate appears stronger from the date where the “Influence Line” joins it, the union or marriage will have brought success.

If fainter or broken up in “islands” or pieces, then the union or marriage has brought failure and ill-luck. (Plate 16.)

How many Children?

Children are indicated by fine but decided small lines that rise out of the Line of Marriage ; strong lines denote boys, fine lines, girls. (Plate 17.)

A magnifying glass is useful in looking for these indications, after some practice very great accuracy can be obtained.

It is a strange thing that amongst the many books written on the Study of the Hand, these lines should be to a great extent ignored or barely mentioned.

I consider them not only of the greatest possible interest in determining the future, but also of the greatest importance as a decisive argument in favour of Cheiromancy as regards dates, deaths, troubles and all events relating to marriage.

What is known as the Line of Marriage is the horizontal line or lines, as the case may be, on the Mount under the fourth finger. It may rise on the side of the hand, or be only marked across the face of the Mount.

The long lines only relate to marriage, the short ones deep affection, or of marriage contemplated. On the Line of Fate we can in many cases find the marriage corroborated, and information given as to the change of life, position, etc., brought about by the marriage and consequently the date when such an event takes place. It will be noticed from the preceding Plates that from the position of the line on the Mount under the fourth finger, a very fair idea of age at the time of marriage may be ascertained. To gain a close idea of the date, the best plan s to watch the Line of Fate, either for a change in one’s position, or for a fine line running parallel with it.

Indications of Marriage in Palmistry

An important union or marriage is given by a line rising from the Mount of Luna, and joining the Line of Fate, especially if the Fate Line looks stronger from this point or if a Line of Sun also begins for the first lime. When the Line of Marriage on the Mount of Mercury is distinct but with fine hair lines dropping from it, it denotes trouble brought on by illness on the opposite side. When the end of the line droops or curves down- ward towards the Line of Heart, it tells that the person with whom the subject is connected will die first.

When the line curves upwards, the possessor is not likely to marry at any time. ‘When the line has an island in the centre, or at any portion, it foretells some heavy trouble in the married life—a separation of some kind, but not by law. When the line divides into a drooping fork towards the Line of Heart, it tells of divorce or judicial separation. This is all the more certain if a fine line crosses the hand from the fork in the Line of Marriage. When the line breaks in two and curves down- wards, it foretells the sudden death of the person connected with the subject.

When the Line of Marriage sends an offshoot on the Mount of the Sun, or to the Sun Line, it promises that its possessor will marry someone of distinction or public position. When, on the contrary, the line cuts downwards or breaks the Line of Sun, the person on whose hand it appears will lose position through marriage. When there is a short line running parallel and almost touching the Marriage Line, it tells of some deep affection, after marriage, on the side of the person on whose hand it appears.


last time vs. this time

When I was leaving for Japan, I was lukewarm about the country and excited about leaving everything behind. This time, I’m kinda sad about leaving and really excited about the country. I thought I was leaving a lot of things behind that was worth fighting for. I think I really am delusional. I’m a lot more alone than I thought.

I’m gonna miss my sister’s dating adventures but I’m really happy for her. There’s life after death. Fight on, Isabelle. Fight on like the little warrior that you are.

bad taste in men

I’ve had this blog for a few years and never quite seriously looked at it. I just went through the search engine terms and, no surprise, my most popular post is the one about umberto eco. second highest search was for a post i had called “bad taste in men”.

I’ve had quite a disastrous streak with men. Been a mistress, been engaged to a man I didn’t love, been a fuck buddy. I am now just looking for something that feels right.

I am somewhat asexual. My sexual organs are working, no problem. But I am usually mentally disconnected from any sexual acts, such a masturbation and the actual act of coitus. “What does this mean?” Well, I guess it’s hard to admit out loud but I never actually think about sex and when I do is doesn’t turn me on. Sex for me is rather a sensual act and a physical reflex. And I think that that, in itself, plays a big role in why I have “bad taste in men” or “dysfunctional relationships”. I fall in love with the mind but not what it comes in. Mechanical robot here.

I have also recently read about the Law of Attraction, which reminded me of The Secret. Once I tell you about it, it’ll probably sound familiar. But with time and experience (and enough self-reflection), you notice patterns. I would say that most of the good things that have ever happened to me was through sheer luck, like a 20$ bill when I’d been begging for money all day and only got pennies and small change (I am not homeless! Just an example to describe how I feel when I’ve fallen so low, there’s nowhere else to go).

The point is to “give up” or “let go”. More precisely, to accept that life sucks, shit happens, take it in stride, smile, don’t retaliate or wallow – in short, turn this negative energy into positive energy – and most importantly follow your intuition. The best way to get what you want is actually not to ask, but just give as much as you can without asking for anything in return. Eventually, it’ll create karmic debt (cause what goes around, always comes around) and this will all be returned to you. If you don’t ask then how can they give you what you want? It’s simple, karma will want things to happen for your own good and if your heart is where it should be, you will be able to recognize it when it comes your way.

For example, I graduated university two years ago and have been wondering around. I wanted to teach ESL in Asia cause I wanted to travel and be paid for it. I wanted to lead an interesting life and make people jealous. I wanted to change and break out of this image that everyone had of me and I wanted to do it in another country and become a new person. I had my eyes set on S. Korea but – here’s where I have to say more about myself – I am a Chinese-born Canadian. And I had a hard time finding a job because I didn’t look foreign. I applied to a couple of place in Thailand, Taiwan, one place in Japan and everywhere in S. Korea. Only Japan ever called me back. So I went for it even though my heart wasn’t in it. The process took about 3 months. I got there, didn’t know anything about Japanese life, I had a roommate and I was sorely disappointed by the lack of amazing “international friends” I was going to make. The next day, I got to meet the rest of the teachers and was disappointed by how small the group was. When I was in Japan, I wanted to blog but I was going to spend two months without Internet and that really frustrated me. I was in a new country! I was cool and no one back home was gonna know about my new adventures and my new friends. We started with an intensive 2 weeks training, I hate the curriculum they had. Changed the Alphabet song to HIJKLMN (yes, they cut it at N instead of P). All the teachers would get home and plan lessons all day long (after 9h training days) and I was threatened to be fired every single second of the training. And then, after 10 days, I was. Did I even visit Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka before coming back? No, I had no interest in Japan honestly and I was feeling stifled and oppressed in that environment. “The nail that sticks out but be hammered back in” is a popular saying in Japan. And I can attest to that. I came back broke and decided to spend a year at home (absolutely no traveling) to work my ass off, save money and gain useful skills that could maybe help me find a job in the UK or Australia. So I worked at a call centre and at Subway. I was also volunteering with two organizations, one where I was an assistant teaching assistant for ESL and another where I took care of children from the young age of 7 months up to 6 years old. I realized that I didn’t like kids and wanted to focus on becoming a high school English teacher. It’s what I wanted to do when I was in high school but I didn’t want to go to school anymore. Now I just one or two years away from this dream. It is definitely within reach. Being in Japan made me realize I had really low self-esteem. During my first class, one of my students yelled the word “boring” multiple times and kicked a ball around the classroom. I broke down and gave up, all under the watchful eye of the person who was supposed to evaluate me and tell them if I’d be a good teacher. I found out later that he was yelling out the word “bowling”. For the Japanese, L and R are the same letters. I freaked out and gave up for nothing. As an assistant ESL teacher, I realized just how much I enjoyed it and how I could probably spend the rest of my life doing this. I applied to JET, the big government program that sends university graduates to Japan to be assistant language teachers for HIGH SCHOOL!!! My dream job. and it was going to pay well. After the long application process, I was rejected after the interview stage and took it really hard. I half-heartedly applied to a couple of places after that, because I didn’t want to wallow in defeat and, lo and behold, I got my actual dream job! While waiting the 2 months to get my reply from JET, I realized that I was serious about becoming a teacher and that I needed more teaching experience. A teaching assistant would only get some, but my mind was set on JET. That’s what I wanted. My end goal was always to get a job in Shenzhen, China (I saw pictures once and I was convinced that I had to move there) but I was intimidated by the fact that my Mandarin was poor and that everyone was expecting me to speak Chinese (this happened to me anyway in Japan… the Japanese spoke to me in Japanese as if I were going to be able to reply). I thought that getting in China was going to be hard since they don’t like foreigners (as in, if you weren’t born in China, you will never get a Chinese passport and China doesn’t believe in dual citizenship. If you ever want to become Canadian, you will never be Chinese again – in your motherland’s eyes). My job search in Taiwan failed so miserably so I wasn’t even going to try. After browsing job descriptions, a majority of the positions asked for certifications and at least one year of experience. No one was willing to give me one year of experience. And I needed to conquer my fear of public speaking before heading back to university to get a teaching degree. There was no way I would embarrass myself that way in my own country. 2 years have passed and I am getting my dream job in Shenzhen, China where I’ll be actually teaching to young kids and adults (I guess the experience with teenagers will have to wait). The pay isn’t phenomenal, but the apartment is provided so that is almost a whole entire paycheck stays in my pocket. I got what I wanted without even asking for it.

What is different this time around from the first time I was job searching abroad? I’m doing it for the right reasons this time. I truly enjoy it and I think I have a gift for it. I speak the language. Getting a visa is actually really easy. I made a lot of amazing new friends this year that I didn’t turn away because I was going to move countries and make “better” or “more interesting” friends. I actually sorta get along with my family now. I dress better. I lost weight. I am not looking to particularly move forever, I am OK with the idea of growing old here and spending the rest of my life in this country and, hell, even this city. Even if I am not in Japan, I feel like I actually accomplished what I wanted for myself right in my own city. Except for keeping a super amazing and awesome traveling blog.

What was I doing properly? I was going where the wind blew me. I accepted it and moved on with my life. In the end, I got exactly what I wanted for myself. Or, I guess, I met people and did things that helped me gain enough confidence to go after what I actually wanted without much effort. Ask yourself “does this feel right? Do I actually want to do this? Or am I just doing it for bragging purposes or am I doing it because I think I should be?” Doing things for the wrong reasons (like to prove a point, to make yourself more interesting, to run away from who you are) will always – or just in my case – explode in your face with fury. And when you do things for the wrong reason, you will not have the will to fight back. Listen to yourself, get to know yourself, follow your heart and if your desires are pure, you will get what you want.

In short, I think bad taste in men comes from “what you think you deserve” or your belief that one person can be “too good for you”. You have to be honest with yourself here. I gave up a long-term relationship because I realized that I was only with him because he had good marriage potential. He loved me but I didn’t love him and I knew that it didn’t feel right. I wanted to give my mother grandchildren and I felt a bit pressured. So I gave that up, and my love life is still at a standstill (gotta admit that I was never truly over this relationship) and instead, I was given a couple of male friends with such amazing platonic love for me (and I know because I tried to bring it elsewhere to no avail… it didn’t feel right but I felt so loved and cherished as just a friend that I was convinced that there had to more be there). What I didn’t get in physical needs was more than made up by the incredible emotional support I was given instead. I have never, not even for one second, felt unloved. Is falling for all your male friends who have given you any kind of emotional support considered “good taste in men”. Since none of my efforts were successful, I would still put that in the “bad taste in men” pile. What happens from here? Only time will tell, but I think that for the first time in my life, I am on the right track.

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a new summer out of reach

I feel really sad this time. I feel like I’m actually leaving for a while. I stopped acting like a little brat and engaged myself in life without worrying about the future too much.

This time, I’m leaving behind peoples I truly care about. People who’ve been there for me, people who’ve been supportive and people who’ve meant a lot to me. I’m letting go of this life I’ve actually enjoyed to take on new challenges for myself.

I actually achieved what I wanted. I’m going to teach English and French in Shenzhen. I’m going back to the motherland, and I’m not going to let unrealistic expectations and my lack of self-confidence get me. This time I’m prepared and armed… And I feel so lucky to be where I am with my life. I’ve lived a life worth living. I have stories to tell that have nothing to do with unrequited love and Phil.

I’ve grown up and faced my issues. I think that this time… I’m ready.


All my life I’ve always felt like I’m the one who remembers everything and I get forgotten.

Today, this girl came to me while I was smoking in the steps of the dental clinic next to the 171 stop and she screamed at me: I didn’t know you smoked! Who was this chick? Well, she was my neighbor apparently. I don’t know why she remembered me or why she felt compelled to speak to me. For 15 years, I leave the apartment quietly, dressed in terrible clothes. I think I got angry at her once for opening the door for me and standing in my way, waiting to get attention.

I’ve never really been one into kids, but seeing her all grown up and as generic as every other lebanese girls, I see in her eyes that she isn’t happy. And she’s 15 now.

I can say that I’ve been lucky my whole life because people have always encouraged me to be myself… I am the way I am because, well, many people tried to stop me, but many people also encouraged me. I mainly grew up in a ditch full of love and acceptance, so my view of what is politically correct / normal is completely skewed. What I do, who I am, it’s a little late to change… what I do wrong, or how shocking I am is all accepted cause I am Isabelle.

Isabelle gets away with a lot because she’s Isabelle. Man, who is this person and when do I get to meet her?