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Jus Jugo Juice’s Green Tea Buzz à la Starbucks

for a mezzo:
equal portions of skim and soy milk to the top line. add a teaspoon of vanilla yogurt using the long spoon. add 4+ scoops of matcha to taste. add a Vivanno scoop of ice and blend!

(this is an approximation for regular people who don’t work at Starbucks)
in a 12 oz cup:
3oz of skim milk
3oz of vanilla soy milk
a tsp of vanilla yogurt
4 tsp of sweetened matcha powder (or more, to taste)
top off the rest of the cup with ice

pour content of cup into a blender. enjoy.


the meilleur moyen de tourner en rond est de lire le dictionnaire

SUSTAINABLE: capable of being sustained

SUSTAINABILITY: the property of being sustainable

SUSTAINED: maintained at length without interruption or weakening

What the fuck? And I didn’t even get the definition I was looking for.