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Quotes of The Month: Nov 08

1) “and he said he didn’t want me to wear a condom, or shave down there.”
A telling me about this new man she met and how their first conversation went.

2) “do you wanna go kick some skinheads in the teeth?”
Ma-ke being completely fucking random and violent with L.

3) “‘Give me your essay, I’ll show my priest.””
S telling me about her adventures with J, what a believing Christian he is and how he disapproved of her essay denouncing Christianity, HA HA HA HA HA.

4) “他们一上课就吃饭。Is the class a restaurant?”
Uh…? Sometimes, I really wonder about the IQ of our Chinese teacher.

5) “It’s not easy to grow rice, estie. Each grain of rice is planted with sweat and blood.”
Hahahaha, Michelle actually wrote that in her essay outline.

6) “Isabelle Wong!”
Vincent actually thinking that DW and I are blood-related. HA HA HA HA HA.