a new summer out of reach

I feel really sad this time. I feel like I’m actually leaving for a while. I stopped acting like a little brat and engaged myself in life without worrying about the future too much.

This time, I’m leaving behind peoples I truly care about. People who’ve been there for me, people who’ve been supportive and people who’ve meant a lot to me. I’m letting go of this life I’ve actually enjoyed to take on new challenges for myself.

I actually achieved what I wanted. I’m going to teach English and French in Shenzhen. I’m going back to the motherland, and I’m not going to let unrealistic expectations and my lack of self-confidence get me. This time I’m prepared and armed… And I feel so lucky to be where I am with my life. I’ve lived a life worth living. I have stories to tell that have nothing to do with unrequited love and Phil.

I’ve grown up and faced my issues. I think that this time… I’m ready.


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