TOP 2007

TOP 10 fave movies?!

1. Across The Universe
Sad that I would consider this the best movie of the year, since it wasn’t that great. The soundtrack was very, very good and the cast consisted of very talented people, but that’s it.

2. My Blueberry Nights
I almost feel like I should’ve spent more time watching movies this year, but I kinda lost my faith in the movie industry. After the first few seconds of this movie, I knew it would end up on this list, considering what else is on here. Wong Kar Wai does what he does. Jude Law is not completely annoying. Norah Jones is a decent actress. Natalie Portman is very awesome (but you knew that). Storyline is the typical “we’re fucked up, but that’s beautiful”… but less pretentious.

3. Hors De Prix
This came out last year in France, but only came out in theatres this year in Quebec… and this is how desperate I am to actually have decent movies on my list. I was kind of skeptical about Audrey Tautou, but Gad Elmaleh made this movie OMG-so-awesome-and-funny.

4. Good Luck Chuck
Yes, this movie is here… because I laughed like a fucking maniac during this movie. I fucking hate Dane Cook, but the fact that I wasn’t bored and didn’t fall asleep through this makes it worth the mention. Much, much funnier than Knocked Up.

5. 2 Days In Paris
Julie Delpy wrote and directed this. She’s very talented that one, she even sings on the soundtrack. This movie is exactly what you’d expect. I wish we could’ve gotten a more concrete ending, though, but what else were you expecting?

6. In The Land Of Women
Adam Brody, I admit, is the reason why I watched this movie. I thought it would be an awesome movie to poke fun at for 90 minutes but, surprisingly, it was a lot deeper than I’d imagine. It fails at leaving an impression on you, but it’s worth the watch.

7. Highway Star
My favorite Korean movie this year? I haven’t seen very many as I mostly focused on drama this year, but most movies were those offbeat gangsta ones and I much prefer their romcoms or arty movies à la Kim Ki Duk… I never very much liked Cha Tae Hyun despite My Sassy Girl being one my favorite movies, but this movie completely sold me on him.

8. Because I Said So
I liked this movie a lot… who would’ve thought? I don’t remember much about it, but my mind comes back to it sometimes…

9. Juno
I love Ellen Page and the soundtrack to this movie. And that’s pretty much it.

10. Premonition
I lost faith in Sandra Bullock movies, but this wasn’t terribly bad (à la Hope Floats and Speed 2) and it was paced well.

(yes, I have terrible taste in movies… I guess I haven’t been pretentious enough this year)

TOP 5 Albums (because I can’t make a Top 10)

1. Kelly Clarkson – AOL Session
I have absolutely loved this session, as it bring out everything that’s worth listening to on her last album. Her voice is flawless.

2. The Bravery – The Sun and The Moon
This album took me entirely by surprise, as I never thought in a million years that I’d like The Bravery, but after I heard “Believe” on Gossip Girl, I was entirely sold on this band. My favorite kind of albums are the “long summer drive” ones like Boomkat’s Boomkatalog.One and this is exactly what you get.

3. Emery – I’m Only A Man
I denied this album at first, but it’s quite well-crafted and holds a lot of variety.

4. Across The Universe soundtrack (deluxe edition)
All the covers are quite exquisite, and what can I say, I have a huge weakness for Beatles cover.

5. Tegan and Sara – The Con
They get better with each album, and that’s pretty much it. You get exactly what you expect and maybe a little more.

TOP 5 songs

1. Metric – Grow Up And Blow Away
They reissued this album this year, and I listened to it after seeing them live at ConU… The first time I heard this song, it just started following me around everywhere.

2. Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around
Somehow I can’t get enough of this song, no matter how much I listen to it. It was love at first note, and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m entirely in love with this song.

3. The Bravery – Believe
Love at first note again… what can I say. Sometimes you fall in love and you can’t go back.

4. The All-American Rejetcs – It Ends Tonight
This used to play at Quiznos all the time. One day I heard it on the radio and remembered liking the song. So I took a closer listen and it was like electricity coursing through my head. Who would’ve thought I’d like this song? The video is an awesome companion.

5. Mega Bass – Blind
Hidden Palms was cancelled faster than you can say “who is Tyler Handley” but what I’ll never forget is this the theme song… like a long summer drive…..

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